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Our Quality Concepts

We develop a quality management plan for our project, which involves developing policies, objectives, and responsibilities to ensure that the project deliverables meet or exceed customers´┐Ż requirements and expectations. When we are doing quality planning, the goal is to identify the quality standards necessary to produce the best products or services for our customers.

To start the quality planning process, MDSS Technologies considers enterprise environmental factors, such as regulations, rules, and standards that are related to the project to identify any problems and take measures to eliminate or reduce them. Second, they conduct an investigation aiming at determining whether we have existing organizational assets applicable to the project, historical data, policies, procedures, lessons learned from previous projects that may help us with the project. Third, from the project scope statement, we examine the major goals/deliverables of the project.

For each project, MDSS Technologies develops the followings:

  • A quality management plan that includes policies, objectives, and responsibilities required to achieve the desired quality standards.
  • A quality metric, which provides the quality control process to be measured.
  • A quality checklist to verify process steps have been performed.
  • An improvement plan that includes steps for identifying waste, non-value added processes to increase customer value.
  • The quality baseline to measure performance.

We address the issues head on as soon as they are identified by initiating corrective measures. The QA team identifies a root cause for the problem and installs a change or correction to prevent future or potential non-conformances. MDSS Technologies perform follow-up reviews to ensure corrective actions are effective and that no new or unforeseen problems are unintentionally created.
Our Services

Lean Six Sigma Training/Consulting: MDSS provides Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt, and Project Management training.
  • Engineering Consulting Services: MDSS specializes in feasibility study, systems analysis, concepts development, interface definition and analysis, and requirements analysis.

  • Project Management Services: We use the best practice of project management in our consulting services to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied.
  • Property Management Services: MDSS manages governmental, commercial, and personal properties nationwide.
  • Risk Management Services: MDSS provides comprehensive strategies to manage the risk portfolios of companies across the country.
  • QMS/Six Sigma Implementation: We help our clients implement a company-wide quality management system (QMS) to help them compete and succeed. We offer a robust approach to achieving business excellence using Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

    Hard to find Parts and Equipments: We deliver the right parts, when our customers need them, and where they need them.

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