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MDSS Technologies provides complete Green Belt, Black Belt, and Project Management training. People with a Green Belt Certification make an average salary of $70533 per year. The training is only two weeks. The average salary of a Black Belt in the United States is $86,731.

According to the US Department of Labor, nearly 87 percent of employment in the US was service-related in 2011, whereas manufacturing-related employment stood at 13 percent.

In order to remain competitive in today’s economy, a company must increase its service capabilities.

Based on recent research, the cost of rework, mistakes, poor quality, and abandon of projects run as high as 50 to 60% of the cost of the project.

For a company to survive in today’s market, it must have an effective quality program in place.

This program must be a long-term program.

It must be continuously improved to fit customers’ needs.

Since the customer’s definition of perfect is always changing, the company’s definition of quality should always be changing.

According to the 8th Annual iSixSigma Global Salary Survey Six Sigma Master Black Belts in the US earn an average annual salary of $122,627.

Per iSixSigma.com (2011), the Army alone reports a financial benefit of nearly $2 billion after implementing Six Sigma.

General Electric has an estimated financial return of $10 billion in benefits during the first five years of Six Sigma implementation.

According to the 2011 Quality Professionals, those who complete any Six Sigma training earn $12,642 more than prior taking the course.

Business Week (Six Sigma In Action, 2010) reported that Target Corporation benefited more than $100 million in savings over the past six years following the implementation of its Six Sigma program.

MDSS will train you to employ Six Sigma methodology and analytics into organizational operations in order to accomplish business objectives.

In this training, you will learn use the Six Sigma methodologies to reduce cycle time, eliminate defects caused by errors, eliminate reworks that cost organizations money, opportunities, and customers. You will be able to perform a systematic analysis and measurement of organization's processes resulting in dramatic increase of business performance. .

You will able able to help your organizations deliver world-class products, delight customers, reach a goal of near. perfection, maximize productivity, increase profitability, and boost their performance.

If your organization is not continuously measuring its corporate performance, or failed to get the expected results, this training will help you put your company back on the path to success.

If you want a new career that put you on the path to advancement in your organizations, you need to take the Six Sigma Green Belt and the Black Belt training.

Training Schedule

MDSS Technologies offers Lean Six Sigma training.

The registration will be done on a first-come and first-served basis. It is suggested that you register early to reserve your seat.

The registration for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt session and the registration for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training are currently opened.

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